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Partnership - Business to Business

We have been mindful of our company's carbon footprint since we started operations, and we welcome partners on this shared path. We are certain that we can lower our CO2 emissions from construction, logistics, energy use, and solid waste management through a coordinated and collaborative B2B effort. 


Businesses may operate for longer hours, generating more revenue and productivity, without having to worry about power outages thanks to our Stroom solar sytems


Our Stroom systems are dependable and require very minimal annual maintenance thanks to a module life of over 15 years of service.


Decrease or perhaps completely get rid of the expense of your electricity bill


We are happy to see that many people are joining forces in an energy cooperative to guarantee a cleaner climate and local energy production. This tenacity is precisely what our community needs to start the energy transition.


Reduce your utility costs to boost your revenue. Use your own labor to save costs by up to 50% or more with a 100% first-year depreciation.


Gain additional peace of mind with dependable backup power, day or night, on or off the grid, and manage your energy consumption with our Lit range.

Relationships- Business to Customers

We take great delight in leaving a positive impression on our clients. We are devoted to delivering a unique experience, from prompt responses to questions and concerns to follow-ups with our clients. Kairos Hof Energy is aware of the need to show empathy to our clients, so we make sure they are heard, valued, and given prompt attention. Your loyalty is something we earn; we don't beg for it. 

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Use the power of the sun to charge all of your fun!.